Please see below for an up-to-date list of books we are looking to purchase:

– Charles Bukowski
– Chuck Palahniuk
– True Crime
– Tolkien
– Easton Press
– Ayn Rand
– Jon Krakauer
– Military History
– Armory books
– Freemason books
– AA books (alcoholism)
– Bibles (unique and in very good condition)
Fitzgerald, F. Scott; The Great Gatsby – paperback or hardback (May BC Selection)
Fitzgerald, F. Scott; This Side of Paradise – paperback or hardback
Cult Fiction
*Cline, Ernest; Ready Player One – paperback or hardback (June BC Selection)
*McCarthy, Cormac;  Blood Meridian – paperback or hardback
Speculative Fiction
Gaiman, Neil; American Gods – paperback or hardback
Herbert, Frank; Dune – paperback or hardback
We are always looking for new popular releases for both adult and young adult. If you have questions on your books, please email a couple of pictures on the items you are looking to sell and we will let you know if we can give them a new home!
“BC” are our “Book Club” books – help us collect enough of these books in advance of our monthly book club to satisfy our readers. If you want to be part of our book club, sign-up and receive your “Book Club” read for 1/2 price.
Please always keep our local libraries in mind for book donations we cannot accept.

More of an Audiobook person?

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